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How Do I Place an Order?


All orders are processed through our secure checkout using PayPal, for special order items or customization, please use the contact form to send us your requests.



Payment and Shipping



UK shipping is included in the price, EU and ROW will extend the order time by around ten days to allow for international delivery.




How long will my order take?



The majority of our straps are made to order, we expect an average turnaround time of 4-6 weeks to complete the build, however, special request items may take longer due to stocking requirements, an estimated delivery time will be given before you order on all bespoke straps. 




Who Makes My Watch strap?



All our straps are handmade by myself, each strap is handcrafted using only hand tools no machinery is utilized at any time, all our straps are Made in East Anglia England.  




Can I send my strap to you for repair\refurbishment?



We would be delighted to assist bringing that unique item back to its former glory; please use the special order item in the store. 




Secure Ordering & Payment Options



Currently, all payments are processed through PayPal ensuring your safety at all times,




Returns & Refunds


Bespoke order items are not subject to returns unless the strap has failed through normal use, In the unlikely event you have an issue with a custom order then we will rectify this immediately. 


 We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all straps, in the unlikely event you experience a fault or strap the fails we will repair or replace the strap free of charge.




How Do Your Special Order Deployment Straps Work?



These items are designed specifically for OEM deployment straps that usually do not come with any adjustment options, in a lot of cases the OEM straps are rubber and need to be cut to size, great if you get it right the first time.


However, a problem we have is that our wrists tend to swell during the day and throughout the seasons of the year, this can render our straps very uncomfortable and it extreme cases require a new OEM item to be purchased at £100's of pounds. 



Enter my custom order Horween straps, when ordering the three-piece item, you will gain three adjustment options in one strap. 



Let’s say both sides of your existing strap combined measures 150mm, and we have two pieces measuring 75mm. 



We take this measurement (75mm) and subtract 4mm giving 71mm then add 4mm giving 79mm 



We make Three pieces at a length of 71mm, 75mm, and 79mm. This allows us a 4mm adjustment up and down from the original length of 150mm 



71mm + 79mm = 150mm

71mm + 75mm = 146mm

75mm + 79mm = 154mm 



One strap three pieces, one price, adjustability (priceless) 




Items Lost or Damaged During Delivery 



If you choose a standard delivery option, we can accept no responsibility for lost or damaged items in the post, use this at your own risk Royal Mail do not accept claims for standard delivery options.


All items sent via our recorded option are subject to replacement or repair for losses or damage.

Where an item has gone missing we require a 30-day window to have elapsed to allow sufficient time for late delivery, once this window has passed we can submit a claim to Royal Mail, refund or replacement will be confirmed once Royal Mail has processed the claim, please allow us time to work with the carrier. 



We will require photos of the unopened packaging for damaged items and of the damage to the item, we will then submit a claim to Royal Mail and process your claim. 




How do I Measure My Strap for Replacement? 



A common mistake here is people will measure from the tip to top, this can give us an incorrect reading especially when considering deployment straps, you should always measure from Pin to Pin this gives a truer reading; when it’s a standard strap measure from Pin to the tip of the strap. 




Why Is My Strap Slightly Shorter That What I Ordered?



This is for two reasons, when a strap is stitched it will shrink slightly this, however, is desirable because after a period of wear as the strap breaks in it will stretch, if each strap was the perfect length after stitching it will fall out of specification quickly.